About us

Welcome to the poetic retail shop: art gallery / poetry shop / poetic space.

With our TAKE AWAY POETRY (Incorporating performance, assembly and poetic happening) you will discover that poetry can be a joint project, daily and fun, and a good cultural reminder of our city.

Within the official opening hours to the public: you may develop your exclusive poem instantly with our poetographs.


1- Go to the display of words, take an official sheet, fill it with your name / pseudonym, your home country and stamp up to 3 words at the top.
(Note: If you do not recognise the Language choose words that suggest something to you)

2- Hand the document to the poetograph at table No. 1, he/she will began your poem based on the words of your choice.

3- When the poetograph of table No 1 has finished the document they will pass it to poetograph of table No. 2. So go to the table No 2.

4- After receiving the official documentation and sign the receipt,
you will recieve your original poem.

5- Insert payment in the box. Minimum amount: 1 Euro.

6- Start at any time.cropped-sello.png